by Peter Mäkelä™
'Window of Opportunity' (photo print)

'Window of Opportunity' (photo print)

'Window of Opportunity' - 2012
Signed photo by Peter Mäkelä - with message.

Size: 30×40 cm
Material: Printed on hand picked structured paper
Delivery: A couple of days. Will be delivered in a hard paper role.

(Price incl. VAT and shipping, in Sweden)

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SPECIAL 4 U: Set your own message! Make it personal, more fun or arty. If you want your own caption write it in the order message box - And I'll get back to you with a new design. Easy peacy.   

Or ... maybe You just want a clean photopraphy without any text – Let me know. 

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“Let's create it together. Come up with your own caption. Make it personal or just go bananas!" 

390 SEK