by Peter Mäkelä™
'Pride Collection' Tray (purple/black)

'Pride Collection' Tray (purple/black)

Color: Shades of pink to purple on black.
Size: 49 cm ø
Material: Pressed laminates

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“Pride Collection is a collection about love – love across boarders . The original pattern is inspired by english medallion wallpaper. By first glance it looks just like it. But when you start looking closer you'll see something more ... charged illustrations.  But in the end it's up to you what you see. What do you see? What's your personal message? Personally I think U2 sums it up, the best;  Pride – In the name of love. 

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Words of the jury;

“In conjunction with the new legislation on same-sex marriages have laureate with hisdesign company clearly committed to the equal worth of all. ”Pride Collection -Scandinavian design for gay rights!” Is one of the collections laureate worked up over the years and which is constantly being updated with playful patterns and shapes on thewallpaper and other interior features. Prize winner has until March 2010 developed itsbusiness in Sundsvall and is a good example for other entrepreneurs in LGBT issues.”
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