by Peter Mäkelä™
'November Rain' (graphic print)

'November Rain' (graphic print)

Size: 30×40 cm
Info: Signed and authenticity stamped
Material: Printed on hand picked structured paper
Delivery: ~ 7 days.

This print is part of a triolgy 'Rain Prints'
No. 1 –  'November Rain', 2013
No. 2 – 'Purple Rain', 2014
No. 3 – 'Set Fire to the Rain', 2015

“How fun is november, really!? It's all rain and grey ... but, ain't it kinda beautiful in its sadness. I think so. It's even romantic, in my world. Light that fire. Put on the tune November Rain. Sing loud by yourself or whisper it quietly, to the one next to you ..."


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