by Peter Mäkelä™
'Love Connection' (armchair)

'Love Connection' (armchair)

A armchair for two! Or why not a quality moment just for you. Cozy it up with pillows and you're all set. 

 Upholstered on a wooden frame with horse hair/natural rubber topped with wool felt and eco labelled fabrics. 
Colors: Go nuts or go safe, it's your choice. The picture is just an example. 

See the product specifications here;

Love Connection, is a multifunctional cosy piece of furniture. Which can easily turn in to a very practical sofa for public spaces. The combinations are endless. See the specs above.

It started with a Love Seat idea – connected armchairs facing each other. And while connecting, why not connect many (a lot of Love!). And if making the armchairs from several smaller ‘pieces of pie’, different sizes armchairs can be made and connecting them can make a winding creation of Love.

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