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'Landscape 1.2' aka 'Barts ass' (SOLD)

'Landscape 1.2' aka 'Barts ass' (SOLD)

'LANDSCAPE 1.2' aka 'BARTS ASS' - 2005
Size: 50×50 cm
Material: Acryllic painting on canvas
Info: Signed by painter
Delivery: 24 hours. 

(Price incl. VAT and shipping, in Sweden)

“This is my tribute to the pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. This humoristic piece is pretty much a replica of his artwork 'Landscape'. The only difference is the right mountain, that has been moved slightly to the left, forming a behind – A naked sunbathing Bart Simpson to be exact! I think Roy would have approved. I certain he had a good sense of humor." :Peter

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