by Peter Mäkelä™
'Italian Coffee Stains' (Plexiography)

'Italian Coffee Stains' (Plexiography)

Size: 70×70 cm 
Edition: Limited edition 1-100 pcs.
With a artist signed Certificate of Authenticity
Technique/material: Digitally printed with multi-layered UV-color on 5 mm plexi glass – this high quality printing technique makes it possible to view the artwork from both directions – and you can light it up from front and back. For that extra amazing feel!  
Included: Metal distances in matte finnish
Delivery: 3-4 weeks

(Price incl. VAT and shipping, in Sweden)

"Imagine you're standing in front of your table, looking down. All of sudden you spill out your coffee. All over the table! Tired and annoyed you look at your mess, your imagination starts to wander. Characters starts to appear in the stains. Who do you see? Now imagine it on your wall at home.” :Peter

‹‹‹ The original artwork, at Delicerano Ristorante. 
Note the size difference. Special orders mail to designshop(at) 
7500 SEK