by Peter Mäkelä™
'Golden Ball' (crop circle rug)

'Golden Ball' (crop circle rug)

Mått: 150 x 150 cm (1,77 sqm) –This one! 
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State your color in the message: Choose between Basic-, Trend- och Designer color settings. See color chart for rug (pdf)

Material: Handtuffed merino wool, from New Zealand
Price: 6330 sek/sqm (incl tax)
Delivery: They are hand made in Malaysia and takes about 5 weeks to complete. Fed-ex:ed straight to your place of choice!   
Extra: With each crop rug is a surprise. Something fitting the perticular pattern of choice. Something the kids love playing with and keeps the grown ups company. 

Special requests in colors or size, mail us;

This is the first rug out in the collection. The thought is to get a more distinguished crop feel to it. When people hear the name they can make the association to the whole mystery. Crop patterns appears often simple at first glance. But it's quite mindboggling how complex they really are in nature. Perfect for you who like the original designs of the crop fields. 

Bring home a piece of the mystery 

Works equally well on the wall, like a piece of artwork. See inspirational pictures. 

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11200 SEK