by Peter Mäkelä™
'Coathangers' (wallpaper)

'Coathangers' (wallpaper)

Color: White on black. Or Black on white. Or combos of your choice! Go at it! ... and let us know in the message field. 
Size: Measure your wall, let us know in the message field!
Price: 549 sek/sqm x height x width 
Material: Digitally printed on non-woven wallpaper
Delivery: ~2 weeks. 

"Coathangers is the perfect wallpaper for your hallway or walk in closet. Or why not inside your closet! The pattern is timeless and covered with old and new coathangers. Maybe you recognize some from when you grew? They are 1:1 in scale. A fun idea could be to nail up your own coathangers ..." :Peter 
549 SEK