by Peter Mäkelä™
'Air Raiders' (wallpaper)

'Air Raiders' (wallpaper)

Trend colors;  Super Pastel Blue, Super Yellow, Super Moss Green, Super Purpur ...
Designer colors; Super Purple Orange, Super Hot Pink, Super Grey Black, Super White Grey ...  

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Size: Measure by square meters 
Price: 549 sek/sqm (minimum order 2 sqm)  
Material: Digitally printed on non-woven wallpaper
Delivery: ~2 weeks. 

"This pattern is all about action. It's inspired by the dynamics in a relationship. How we chase around after each other, our children, familylife, trying to work out our daily lives. Which sometimes just feels like a ticking bomb! Sometimes we need to be superheros to make everything work!
Or ... some of us just have secret superhero dreams. No names mentioned. Something for that kid at home or the kid within."

549 SEK